About Us

About Us

Shop4Fun, Inc. was formed in 2016. Shop4Fun curates, resells and distributes toys, collector and hobbyist merchandise for popular and relevant media franchises from movies, comics, anime and games to automobiles.

Its flagship physical store was launched in 2017 at the Greenhills Shopping Center in Metro Manila.

Partners and Products

Understanding the fast paced nature of the toys and merchandising industry specially for hobbyists, we prioritize in the curation and acquisition of new products to set new trends and keep the interest and loyalty of our community. Diversification also allows us to reach more customers both with hardcore and casual interests.

Presence and Events

Shop4Fun has strived to be there for its enthusiasts by being present at events – from holding gatherings for targeted groups to being a part of major events such as ToyCon. We always seek opportunities to engage with the community and showcase our latest products.

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